Gallery and Upcoming Calendar Updates

The American Youth Dev Team has been hard at work with updates.  The old calendar has been semi-disabled (you cannot add new events to it but the old ones are still visible) and the new calendar features will be up the second week in February as it’s own menu item with many scheduling updates (you no longer have to add the event as a post).  Don’t worry, you will not lose any of your current events and the new features will make it much easier to use.

Also, the newest flash version of the Photo Gallery has been recently added to the main menu as “Photo Gallery”.  Please look around to see how to add Galleries and Pictures.  As you can tell it is has been significantly simplified over the previous version and is pretty self explanatory.

Once you have created a gallery and added a few photos to it, you then want to add that gallery to a page or post.  To add a gallery to a page or a post you go to the page/post editor and then click the “Add Gallery” icon as shown below

Then you select the gallery(s) you want to display and that is it.  There is an option to display all galleries, one gallery, or if you hold down control you can select multiple galleries to display.

We suggest creating a “Gallery” page that displays all galleries and then also inserting the individual galleries into your posts about the events or games.

Let us know in “Site Support” if you have questions and we look forward to your Gallery feedback.

FYI… Right now the Gallery colors do not match your site colors but that is being addressed in the next release.

Posted on January 28, 2011 in Administrator Notices

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